Metered Propane Service

Propane Meter

The meter shown above is all that's required to convert your system over to metered gas.  With an easy four digit display, it's easy to calculate your usage.  Each movement of the meter is equal to 2.75 gallons.  No complicated dials or displays!

Installation is quick and free.  If you have a swimming pool heater, Chapman propane can install a second meter for no additional charge.  **There is no additional $10/month charge for the second meter.**

The only requirement to have a meter installed is central heating and a minimum of two other gas appliances.  Other appliances may be: hot water heater, gas range/oven, gas dryer, gas fireplace, or even a swimming pool heater.  Give us a call for more details and to see if your system qualifies.

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At Chapman Propane we understand it can be frustrating paying for a full delivery of propane.  We also understand that at times, it's not convenient to check your tank, especially in colder temperatures.  Worry no longer!


Introducing metered gas by Chapman Propane.  With the use of a meter, Chapman Propane will keep track of your usage and send you a monthly bill similar to a natural gas company.  A meter reader comes out once a month to monitor both the meter reading and the tank level.  The gas in the tank belongs to us, so there is no need to buy bulk propane, only what you use.  The price paid per gallon is determined based on the average price for the given month.

The base charge for metered service is $10 per month, however when you sign up you'll get the first year free!  ($120 value!)
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