Don't Pay More For Less!

When you have any bottle filled at Chapman, we fill it completely.  What do we mean? 

Next time you are operating your grill or fireplace, check the side of your exchange tank.  Does it say Net Weight 15 lbs on the plastic wrap?  A full grill cylinder holds 20 lbs of propane, not 15.  Think about this, not only are you paying more for less, but you're being misled.  Don't keep giving your money away. 

Come support an honest company that doesn't play tricks on you, get your bottles filled at Chapman!  Call us today for pricing and our location.

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If you would like more information on recertification of cylinders, please see our OPD page.

Having Trouble with Your Grill Cylinder?

Does your grill or heater have very little heat?  Are the flames smaller than usual?  The problem is likely a very simple fix.  Follow
the steps below before returning your cylinder.

1. Insure that the valve on the tank, and the valves on your grill are closed.
2. Connect the hose end from your grill to the valve of the propane cylinder.
3. Slowly open the valve on the tank and listen for a click.  If no click you're done! 
If you hear a click proceed to step 4.
4. Close the valve, wait for 5 seconds or until another click,
then begin to open the valve slowly.
5. Time to cook out!

These steps should ensure that your grill or appliance is operating properly. See below for more information.

All cylinders are fitted with an internal check valve.  What's a check valve???  A check valve is a safety device inside the tank that
prohibits the tank from releasing gas too quickly.  When a grill runs out of fuel, the hose to the tank has been emptied.  When
introducing propane back into the hose, the flow of propane is often too quick, which causes this internal safety device to stop the
flow.  If you have any other questions, please give us a call.

817-222-0298 or 1-888-TANK-FILL

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