OPD vs Non-OPD Valves

Shown below are pictures of a typical OPD valve on the left, compared to a non-OPD valve on the right.
Notice the triangular shaped handle on the OPD, compared to the star shaped handle on the older style valve.  OPD stands for "overfill prevention device" and is required on all DOT cylinders below 50lbs.  If your cylinder has the old style valve, please come see us and we can either replace your old valve, or replace your existing cylinder with a newer style cylinder.

Also remember that your cylinders have to be recertified every 12 years, and every 10 years there after.  Chapman Propane can do this for you at minimal charge.  It's important to keep your cylinders clean and rust free.  If they become too covered in rust, they must be placed out of service and scrapped.  The same applies for excessive dents, cylinders must remain dent free.

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