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Your Tarrant County Propane Gas Professionals!

Chapman Propane is a full service propane gas company located just outside of downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  Serving Tarrant county and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

Chapman Propane has been locally, and family owned since 1989.  We bring the personal experience you expect from your propane gas provider.  We take the extra time to answer your questions and make sure you and your family are safe!

At Chapman Propane, you're not a number, you're family.  Call us today for a price quote, or just to chat, we don't mind!  When you call, you'll be talking to a Chapman.  When we say we are family owned, we aren't making it up. 
We take pride in what we do, because it's what we love.

817-222-0298 or 1-888-TANK-FILL

When is it Time to Call?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, "when are we supposed to call you?".  We recommend that you call Chapman Propane when you are between 15-20% remaining.  This allows time to service the tank before all pressure is lost. 

When a tank is allowed to get too low, you risk having to do a mandatory pressure test on your system.  Most companies charge for this service as it takes extra time to perform, and its usually anywhere from $25-$100 extra.  Save yourself some money and call ahead.  If you are tired of constantly watching your tank percentage, please take a look at our
metered gas program.

For more information on pressure testing and why its important, please click here.

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